Corey Haines is always in our book club talking about how to write great code! That’s why he’s a great podcast guest. We talked about Code Retreats, the artistic expression of code, and the 4 Rules of Simple Design.

Some amazing quotes from this episode:

“Ruby never yelled at me.”

“And I would often tell people like, ‘I’ve been doing this a long time. I’ve seen the code that gets written, and there’s no reason to keep this code at all. The world is a better place because it’s deleted, believe me.’”

On single vs double quotes: “And I would say if the performance of the string is your bottleneck, that’s a really great app!”

“Because your code is already good.” -ChaelCodes “Your code is good, it’s doing the job. Don’t make it feel bad.” -Corey Haines

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