Most folks get stuck in open-source on one of the three following barriers:

  • Getting Started
  • Building the PR on a Forked Repo
  • Managing feelings around the review process

I want to remove those barriers for you, and give you a realistic view of how to contribute to open-source projects, and get your PRs merged.

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I don’t recommend picking an issue based on it being a “Good First Issue” but these sites are good to identify your “Good First Repo”.

Here are a few of the PRs I’ve worked on that I mentioned in my talk.

Here are a few Ruby Repos I mentioned and recommend.

  • CASA is a Ruby For Good Rails app that organizes volunteers for foster youth. They have GREAT issues, amazing response time, and are incredibly welcoming.
  • ConfBuddies is a Rails app that helps you attend conferences with your friends! I’m the maintainer, so if you need a friendly face, this is a good place to start.
  • Forem, the platform supporting Dev.To and CodeNewbies, has a welcoming community, and are incredibly responsive to new PRs, however, I’ve had issues with their Docker dev setup.
  • Rails is a web application framework in Ruby. I’m not going to lie to you. Getting a PR merged here is challenging. There’s a lot of feedback, a lot of contributors, and not a lot of maintainers. But you can have a lot of impact.
  • Jekyll-Twitch was mentioned, but is actually feature complete. You can make your own gem though!